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Episode 110 Content and Overview

There are an infinite number of decisions you and your partner have to make like prenatal testing, how to decorate the nursery, what to name your baby, who should be at the birth, and what procedures are done to your baby after they are born. It is a never-ending list, and even after all of these decisions are made the two of you are going to constantly making decisions throughout your child’s life. Some decisions are more trivial than others, but even working on coming to an agreement you are both comfortable with on little things can help you work out the big things. This episode goes through a lot of ideas you can put to use when you and your partner disagree to try and get on the same page.

Included in This Episode
  • Tips to try when you and your partner disagree
  • Understanding the other point of view
  • Weighing evidence and emotions
  • Financial considerations
  • Your partner and your birth plan
  • Get a copy of Vanessa’s birth plan
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