“Since our wedding my husband’s parents have been putting a lot of pressure on us to have a baby.  After a year of trying we are pregnant and so excited!  I have felt really great during this pregnancy but my only issue is massive anxiety about my in-laws.  I really want to give birth with just my husband and not allow any visitors at the hospital and then I want some time to bond with my baby and husband without anyone around.  My in-laws are pushing to meet our baby on the day they are born and come visit and stay in our city for an indefinite amount of time.  They really make me feel like I am just a vehicle for their grandchild and everything is about their grandchild, not our baby.  My father-in-law was worried that I wasn’t eating enough and keeps trying to make me eat so much.  My husband and I had always planned on moving back to New Zealand, where I am from, to settle down and start a family.  We have always been open with them about this and they are shocked and crushed and they are saying that we are taking their grandchild away from them, it is making me feel so horrible, stressed and anxious.  I feel like I have done everything to please them, I even got pregnant and will have a baby in the United States so they have time with them before we move back rather than going back to New Zealand right away.  I am anxious about having them visit too soon or for too long.  I plan on basically being topless the whole time while I’m home so I can breastfeed and I don’t want to have to cover up if they are not comfortable.” – Emily

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