Q&A: Folate and Folic Acid


“I just went to my first appointment and my midwife was concerned that My Kind Organics prenatal vitamin, which is all plant based, might not be providing me the best support. It sounded like there was a difference between folate, which is in my prenatal, and folic acid and she wanted to make sure that I had the recommended dosage of folic acid–which I know is important through listening into your podcast. I just thought I had picked this awesome prenatal and was bummed to find out that she wanted to prescribe me specific prenatal. Is there a difference between folate and folic acid, is one better than other? Thanks for all your insight and support! I have really enjoyed listening to your show!” – Erin

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50: Alcohol & Pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy

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Episode 50 Content and Overview

Alcohol is one of the very first things to go once you see that positive pregnancy test.  A lot of expecting moms have questions about alcohol. Trying to figure out guidelines for alcohol and pregnancy can be so confusing.  Can you drink any alcohol during your pregnancy?  Does it affect your baby?  How much is okay?  These are questions you may have asked your doctor or midwife and you usually get one of two answers.  You hear, absolutely no alcohol, in any quantity, or, it’s okay to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time with a meal.  When you drink alcohol it is absorbed through your stomach and small intestines and enters your blood stream. Once it is in your blood stream it goes to your heart, brain, muscles, and other tissues.  If you are pregnant, it is also going to your placenta and then gets passed to your baby through the umbilical cord. You already know that drinking high amounts of alcohol is a bad idea. What about an occasional drink? This episode is going to get into all of the details on alcohol and pregnancy, how it affects your baby, and what the research says about drinking when you are pregnant.

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49: Your Birth Plan

Your Birth Plan

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Episode 49 Content and Overview

A birth plan is your plan of how you envision your birth and what happens directly following the birth of your baby. A birth plan allows you to make choices. You get to choose where you want to have your baby, who you want to be there, what procedures are done to you, and what procedures are done to your baby. If you don’t make these choices someone else will make them for you. You know your body, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your priorities better than anyone. A birth plan is really more than a piece of paper you hand to your care provider. It is the process you go through to prepare for the birth experience you want. The importance of a birth plan has a lot more to do with the process of writing it than it does with the finished product. How your birth unfolds, and how you and your baby experience it, are a direct result of your planning ahead.


Your Birth Plan BookThe Your Birth Plan book walks you through the step-by-step of exactly how to create and write your birth plan.  In addition to explanations on all of your options and everything you could include there is a template you can customize to create your own personalized plan and samples for various scenarios.  Sample plans are included for a home birth, birth center birth, a backup plan if you plan a home or birth center and end up at a hospital, a hospital birth with interventions, a natural hospital birth, and even a sample plan if you know you are having a cesarean section.



Included in This Episode
  • 10 steps to creating and writing your birth plan
    1. Get educated
    2. Decide what is important and make a list
    3. Find out what the policies are of your care provider or venue and make note as to whether they are in line with your wishes
    4. Create your first draft
    5. Read through your draft and check for conflicts
    6. Discuss it with your partner
    7. Discuss it with your care provider
    8. Make your final edits, and cut it down to one page
    9. Know your birth plan inside and out
    10. Pack it in your hospital or birth center bag, or have it on hand for your home birth
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48: Third Stage of Labor

Third Stage of Labor

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Episode 48 Content and Overview

The third stage of labor starts after your baby is born and ends with birthing the placenta. Even after your beautiful baby is born your uterus will continue to contract. These contractions are much more mild than the contractions you experience during birth. As your uterus begins to contract and shrink, your placenta will detach from your uterine wall. The blood vessels are then closed off, and the placenta is pushed out. You have some options as to what interventions are employed during this stage. This episode explains all of your choices during the third stage of labor and examines the research to give you all of the information you need to make the right decision for you.

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