Get a Copy of Vanessa’s Birth Plan

Creating and writing your birth plan is a great way to get really clear on the birth experience you want. Enter your email address below to get a copy of the birth plan I used.  Although my preferences may not be right for you, you can use it as an example of how yours can be structured and worded.

Want a complete template you can customize for the birth you want?  I created the Your Birth Plan book as a step by step guide that makes creating and writing your birth plan super easy!

Your Birth Plan includes:

Research and evidence based explanations of everything you can include with all of your options

A complete template you can customize to your preferences

Sample plans for a home birth to a planned cesarean, and everything in between

Click here for more information and to take a peak inside the book.

Buy Your Birth Plan now on Amazon as a paperback or get the Kindle version.

It is so awesome that you are doing your homework to get the birth experience you want.  I wish you the best for your pregnancy and birth!  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] or contact me here.

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