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Changes during pregnancy like rapid weight gain and increased levels of Relaxin, a hormone that relaxes your ligaments, can create lifelong changes to the structure of your feet. In one study, 61% of participants had a measurable increase in foot length, and 22% reported going up a shoe size.

I started using Mommy Steps insoles when I was pregnant to preserve my arch and properly support my feet. Thankfully, I never experienced my arch flattening out, bunions, and did not go up a shoe size. I still wear Mommy Steps now because they make every pair of shoes so comfortable. If you want to learn more about how pregnancy can change the structure of your feet, check out this episode.

The founder of Form Insoles created Mommy Steps when he was an expecting parent and wanted to protect his wife from foot issues when she was pregnant with their first baby. You can also save 20% off Form Insoles with the promo code FEET.