Save 20% on Insoles With the Promo Code FEET

I love the Mommy Steps insoles for 2 big reasons. 1. They are incredibly comfortable. 2. They can prevent a lot of issues that can happen to your feet when you are pregnant. Many of the changes that happen to your body during pregnancy can cause permanent changes to the structure of your feet. This includes your arch collapsing, bunions, and your feet even increasing a shoe size. I have dug into the evidence on this and wearing insoles that support your arch can help prevent some of these lasting changes from happening. Check out this episode for the evidence on how pregnancy changes your feet.

Mommy Steps was created when the founder of Form Insoles was an expecting father and wanted to protect his wife from foot issues when she was expecting their first baby. I got these for my husband and he is a big fan. You can now get 20% Form Insoles with the promo code FEET.