A babymoon is a vacation you take with your partner when you are pregnant. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some time with your partner and relax before your baby arrives. While a stereotypical babymoon is a weeklong trip to a tropical island, you can even make this a staycation. Tips for planning your babymoon will help you with the best time during your pregnancy to vacation, where to go, how to work with any budget, and how to customize your babymoon to fit you and your partner. Tips for making the most out of your babymoon will help you maximize quality time with your partner, relax, and maybe even get some free perks. This is not your last chance for a vacation for the next 18 years. Your life is not over when you have kids. You can still travel and take vacations. Will it be the same as when it is just two of you? No. It will be different, but that isn’t a bad thing. Your pregnancy is a great excuse to take one last trip with just the two of you before your family grows. Everything you need to know to plan and make the most out of your babymoon, whether you are going to a tropical island or enjoying a staycation.

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