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Episode 141 Content and Overview

Find out exactly what you need to pack in your bag to take to the hospital or birth center when you go into labor.  This is a big to do on your list because of course, you want to be prepared and make sure you have everything you need and that you are not forgetting anything when the big birthday arrives.  This episode goes into detail on everything you need to pack, whether you are planning on having your baby at a hospital or a birth center.  If you are planning on a home birth this episode will still be helpful for you because you will want to have a lot of these items on hand and easily accessible during and after your labor at home.

Don’t overthink this.  I am pretty obsessed with checklists and I tend to overthink things sometimes but to be perfectly honest if you went into labor and showed up to the birth center or a hospital with nothing you would be okay, I promise you it would not be the end of the world.  You would probably have to send your partner out to buy a car seat so you could take your baby home from the hospital or birth center, but otherwise, you would surely survive.  With that being said, there are definitely some things you can pack in a bag that will make your labor and birth experience more comfortable.  This episode breaks everything down by what you need to pack for mom, baby, and partner.  Don’t forget about your partner, they need some stuff too.  We will get into what items are must-haves and some optional things you may want to consider too.  Don’t worry about writing all of this down.  I created a checklist for you to download with everything on it.

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Included in This Episode
  • When to pack your bag
  • What bag to use
  • Documents
  • Prepping your smart phone
  • Items for labor
  • Food and drinks
  • Eating During labor
  • Clothes to pack for mom
  • Toiletries to pack
  • What to pack for your baby
  • What to pack for breastfeeding
  • What to pack for your partner
  • Items for siblings
  • Some random things to pack, must-haves and optional items
  • Labor room environment
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