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Episode 149 Content and Overview

Back in the 1950s dads spent labor in hospital waiting rooms, called “stork clubs”, until a nurse came in to let them know the were a father. By the 1980s most dads were present for the births of their babies. Today, dads and partners are not just present, they are active participants from planning during pregnancy to catching their babies in the deliver room. The challenge in preparing your partner for birth is understanding what role they play or knowing what they should be doing while mom-to-be is in labor. Get the dos and don’ts to guide your partner to being the rock of support you need so you both can go into your labor and birth feeling confident and read to meet your baby. Plus, this episode breaks down labor step-by-step and details what your partner should be doing at each stage of labor.

Included in This Episode
  • The history of partners and birth
  • Don’t avoid learning about pregnancy or birth because you are not the one having baby
  • Dads and Partners, Everything You Need to Know
  • Do communicate with mom-to-be
  • When you and your partner disagree
  • Do go to the doctor or midwife appointments
  • Don’t skip taking a birth class
  • Birth Classes
  • The start of labor
  • The first stage of labor
  • Early labor
  • Active labor
  • Do be an active participant in labor
  • Don’t let yourself or mom-to-be get talked into procedures you do not want or talked out of procedures you do want
  • Get a cop of Vanessa’s birth plan
  • Transition phase
  • The second stage of labor
  • Don’t be freaked out about the fact that a baby will come out of our wife/girlfriend’s vagina
  • Cesarean birth
  • The third stage of labor
  • Skin to skin Contact
  • Don’t let visitors take over the room and your baby before you two are ready for it
  • Visitors
  • Do support breastfeeding
  • Don’t try to do it alone
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