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Episode 25 Content and Overview

Have you thought much about maternity clothes?  Does the thought of not fitting into anything in your closet freak you out?  Maybe you are excited to dress up and show off your growing bump.  Expecting moms fall all over the spectrum on how they feel about maternity clothes.  On top of your emotions and feelings about growing, you may love shopping and have an unlimited budget, or you may not like going to the mall and not have much, if anything, to spend on maternity clothes.  The good news is that we are covering all the basic things you need to know about maternity clothes.  the goal is to feel comfortable and stylish no matter how you feel about fashion, and regardless of what your budget is.  In this episode we will get into how you can raid your closet (or a friend’s closet) for pieces you can wear throughout your pregnancy, what are some must haves, and where to shop for great deals.

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