Culturally in the United States, we don’t talk about the fact that you recover from birth and pregnancy. There are a lot of things that are normal and expected after you have a baby that no one tells you about. The good news is that this episode will not only give you a heads up about what is in your future but also help prepare you for life postpartum. Learn what to really expect and what is normal. Find out what products are must-haves, and what you can skip. Plus, some of the best advice to get you through those first days, weeks, and months of being a new parent.

Thank you to Tovah Haim of Bodily for sharing her passion for helping parents navigate life postpartum in this episode.

Tovah Haim was completely unprepared for how intense the recovery from birth would be when her first child was born in 2017. Feeling shaken by the bodily transformations, blindsided by the experience, astounded at the lack of credible information available to explain what was happening and shocked by the substandard product available to get through all of it—she decided to pivot from her career as a CFO and investor, and dive into women’s health. In creating Bodily, Tovah’s aim is to offer judgment-free, inclusive, evidence-led resources and design-forward products to a market that is often ignored completely. “Like so many areas of women’s health, we don’t talk about female physiology. It’s culturally taboo”, she says. “How can we expect society to give us time to recover if nobody knows what’s happening? We deserve better.”

You can see more postpartum resources by visiting the Bodily website.

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