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Episode 37 Content and Overview

Hospitals have become the go to place to give birth in many countries.  About 98% of all births in the United States are in hospitals, so if you live in the U.S. there is a good chance that is where you are planning to give birth.  Even if you are planning for a birth center or home birth knowing about your backup option is smart.  Birth is not an all or nothing decision where you are either having a baby in hospital with tons of interventions, or having a baby at home with no interventions and incense burning in the background.  There are an infinite number of options available to you to really prepare for and craft the birth experience you want.  The key to getting the birth experience you want is being educated.  Whether you are planning a cesarean section or will be having a natural labor you could do either in a hospital setting and this episode will help you get more familiar with what you expect in a hospital birth from the moment you arrive, through your labor and birth, until you are discharged and headed home with your new baby.

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