“I absolutely love your podcast! I’ve been listening for a few months and am now 36 weeks pregnant, the end is (somewhat) near! Your podcast has really helped me through many questions as a first time mama and helped me to get my birth plan together. I’m planning to go all natural, I really wanted a home birth, but we live on a smaller rural island quite a distance from a hospital and midwives will not attend births where we live. So I’m headed to a hospital, with a doula.  I often hear how ‘crazy’ I am to want to have a natural birth, recently it was suggested to me that if I’m really in need of some relief to try for Fentanyl rather than an epidural. This mama had gotten both, so I’m not sure how much relief it really gave her. My understanding is that you can’t have it too close to delivery, but other than that I haven’t heard anything about it.  What kind of effects does it have? Is there any studies on it causing further interventions? Risks and so on? Many thanks!” – Courtney

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