Save 25% Off the Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal Vitamin with the code PREPODMINI + Free Infant D3 Drops

Zahler makes really high quality prenatal vitamins that have the active form of folate plus omega 3s and DHA. Check back to this page for the current promo code to save when you buy them on Amazon, plus we have some free giveaways coming up!

Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal DHA is a pint sized, easy to swallow pill that you only need to take once per day. It provides a full spectrum of 20 critical nutrients including 100 mg of DHA that you and your developing baby need. If you have trouble swallowing large capsules this is the perfect solution for you.

To order them today click this link → Zahler Mighty Mini Prenatal + DHA and enter the promo code PREPODMINI when you checkout to save 25%.  You must purchase through Apex Nutrition for the promo code to be applied.

Get a free Infant Vitamin D3 400IU with an order of the Mighty Mini prenatal vitamin in the month of January. Please email [email protected] with your Mighty Mini Amazon order number and your mailing address.

The Zahler Prenatal +DHA is the vitamin I have been taking for years. This is the full formula that includes 27 vitamins and nutrients and 300 mg of DHA. You take this vitamin twice per day. Check back to this page for updates to the promo codes for Amazon.

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