“I have a question to ask you as this issue came up during the birth of my first baby.   When my daughter was being born, the midwife realized that she had a nuchal hand, which means that she was holding her hand up by her face. Since the birth, I have been searching the Internet for more information about nuchal hands and while I have found it mentioned a bit here and there, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information on it. Did the nuchal hand contribute to my second degree tearing? Was it the cause of such a long early (prodromal) labor, because my baby couldn’t get into a good position for birth? If I have a second baby, is it likely they will have a nuchal hand too? Is there anything I could have done during pregnancy or birth to help avoid it? I thought that with your amazing research skills, you might be able to locate more information about this issue.  I would be really interested to see any research and/or studies that have been done on the topic of nuchal hands.” – Criselda

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