“I’d love for you to do an episode or Q&A on pregnancy rhinitis. I’ve been suffering from cold symptoms intermittently since about week 10 of my pregnancy. I’m now in week 26, and the bouts are getting longer and closer together – my estimate is that I’ve been sick about 50% of the pregnancy so far! I realize that I’ve got a severe case of what’s termed “pregnancy rhinitis,” but I haven’t been able to find more than anecdotal information about the condition. I had sinus issues as a kid, which I’ve heard make this pregnancy condition more likely, and I read that excessive weight gain may also contribute. My doctor is quite matter of fact that pregnancy rhinitis is quite normal. So many other moms are shocked to hear about this symptom, so I’d love to share information in case anyone else is suffering in the same way! I’ve steered away from medicines since I don’t want to use them regularly, and I’ve tended towards steam and saltwater washes. I just want to be able to breathe properly again!” – Caitlin

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