“I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first child and excited to meet my her in a few short months! I have been carrying my baby very low throughout my pregnancy. A couple of people have told me that carrying low may be a risk factor for preterm labor. Can you share any insight into potential risks associated with carrying low, if there are any? I am also curious about the variables that contribute to the position of one’s baby/uterus during pregnancy…height? Physical fitness? Genetics? I am 5’2″ and weighed 115 lbs prior to pregnancy. I have continued to exercise a few times per week (both prior to and throughout my pregnancy), and my core is relatively strong. My mother said she carried high during both of her pregnancies, unlike me. I am just wondering if there is any rhyme or reason to this! Thank you!” – Megan

Additional Resources
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  • Factors of how you carry your belly during pregnancy
  • Potential risks of carrying low
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