Cesarean birth is the birth of a baby via a surgical procedure called a cesarean section or C-section. This procedure is used to deliver a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus.   Cesarean births may be planned or unplanned. You could plan a cesarean birth ahead of time if you have a complication that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or you have had a previous cesarean birth. You aren’t considering vaginal birth after a cesarean, commonly referred to as a VBAC. Often a cesarean is not planned, and the circumstances change when you are in labor, which leads to cesarean birth. If you are planning on cesarean birth, you should know what is involved, what you can expect, your options, and how to get your recovery off to a good start. Even if a cesarean birth is the furthest thing from how you envision your birth, this episode will prepare you just in case your baby ends up being born by cesarean.

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