There is a lot of evidence on the benefits of babies and kids growing up with a dog. There is no research on what the best methods are to prepare your dog for a new addition to the family and how to ensure everything goes smoothly once your baby arrives. To tackle these topics, I talk to John and Jaime Caponetta. They are experts in dog behavior and have many years of experience training dogs from all backgrounds for many different families. Read this article to learn how to prepare your dog for your baby, introduce them, and navigate growing your family with your dog.

Thank you to John and Jaime Caponetta of Pawsome University for sharing their expertise for this episode.

Jaime has her certification as a K9 trainer from the Animal Behavior College in California and earned the title of Associate Certified K9 Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. John Caponetta is a former humane law enforcement officer and has seven years of experience working in animal welfare. He is planning to become a certified instructor in pet first aid & CPR. Both John and Jaime are on boards or support multiple non-profit organizations that provide dog training to families facing financial hardship or support fostering dogs and keeping them out of shelters or euthanized due to a lack of services. Together these two run Pawsome University, which offers one on one in-home professional dog training using only positive and fear-free training methods. Plus, they have a podcast called Pawsome University. John and Jaime welcomed a baby about seven months ago. They are experts in dog behavior. They are the perfect resource to help guide you through preparing your dog for your new baby and ensuring that everything goes smoothly after your baby arrives.

You can learn more about John and Jaime by visiting the Pawsome University website, listening to their podcast, or connecting on Instagram.

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