Hypnobirthing is a practice that uses calming and relaxation techniques to create a calm, positive birth experience.  This is a fantastic tool you need in your toolbox as a mom-to-be!  It can be applied during your pregnancy, labor, birth, and even in your parenting journey.  Hypnobirthing will be helpful whether you’re planning a hospital, home, or midwife-led birth.  This episode features Suzy Ashworth of the Calm Birth School.  Suzy is a hypnobirthing expert and has helped teach thousands of women worldwide her unique method for creating a smooth birth experience.  Suzy explains everything involved with hypnobirthing, the science behind it, and how it can help you get the positive birth experience you want.

Hypnobirthing with Suzy Ashworth

Suzy Ashworth is a pregnancy coach, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist with two children, and a growing bump. She has a passion for showing women exactly why they can and should believe in themselves, empowering them to create mind-blowing birth experiences.

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