“Hi Vanessa, like everyone else, I rely entirely on your podcast for a wealth of information and education on various topics relating to pregnancy, babies, and health, and I’m so grateful for this resource that both my husband and I can learn from throughout this process. I’m 13 weeks pregnant (after a late 1st trimester missed miscarriage), and hopeful this pregnancy will stick around. One of the topics I haven’t heard covered is loud noises during pregnancy (like concerts and… gunfire). This might not be that common in California, but my husband I enjoy bird hunting as a source of wild and sustainable meat, and I’m wondering if I should be concerned about the loud noise of gunfire, or any other associated effects of hunting, especially since the baby can now hear (yay for bedtime stories read by dad). Thank you for your help with this obscure question, but there just isn’t a lot of guidelines out there on what’s safe and what’s potentially unfavorable during pregnancy.” – Brooke

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