“Hi Vanessa, First, thank you so much for your podcast. My husband and I are in the process of trying to conceive and we have found your information in the podcast so helpful to fill the holes in our knowledge about conception, pregnancy and postpartum. I got off the pill last month and we are waiting a few months so that we can get a more accurate due date and nail down some healthier lifestyle changes for baby.  I just got my first natural period right on time which is great. One of the lifestyle changes that we have a question about is that my husband does regularly use marijuana. He has a mild form of ADHD and uses marijuana to help boost his energy and focus rather than taking some other prescription medications. He uses a vaporizer for relatively small amounts in the morning and evening. We have not been able to find conclusive evidence about whether or not he should minimize or completely stop this when we are ready to stop using condoms and conceive. Do you have any insight into the effects of this?” – Jennifer

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