“Hi Vanessa! First I would like to say that I love your podcast and I am so grateful for the clear and informative way that you explain everything!  I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and have found the Pregnancy Podcast to be an invaluable source of wisdom that I didn’t know I needed. I am contacting you because I am having a really hard time narrowing down my birth plan to the “bare necessities.”  I purchased your book and it has been super helpful, but I am still well over a page and a half using the template that you provided.  I am not criticizing your template at all!  On the contrary, it has been the only thing that has kept me from having a nervous breakdown about planning my birth.  I do realize that it is a bit early for me to be too concerned with getting this all sorted out. Thank you again for the amazing podcast, and your willingness to help pregnant women everywhere to be prepared and to make the best decisions possible for our children.” – Karis

Additional Resources
  • Get a copy of Vanessa’s birth plan
  • Your Birth Plan book
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