“My daughter is very interested in being at the birth, and I’ve read that acceptance of the new baby is easier for big siblings that are present at the birth. I was thinking that I’d like her to be present at the birth, provided we have someone who can be focused on her, and be a good calm presence in the delivery room. However, my very experienced doula says that moms often have trouble releasing their body into labor until child #1 is out of the picture, almost entirely. Meaning…in bed sleeping, or at a grandparents house for the weekend. She says that the movement and the sounds scare child #1 quite a bit and this is why mama cannot let go. Also the hospital can be daunting and scary for child #1. Now I’m considering having someone take her away for labor but bring her in for the birthing (assuming it isn’t in the middle of the night), but I am still undecided. I’d love to hear other views on this!” – Amy

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