Morning sickness is most often nausea that happens during pregnancy and can be accompanied by vomiting. This does not just happen in the morning. It can be anytime or even all day. Morning sickness affects 60-80% of expecting mothers. This is most common in the first trimester, can start as early as one to two weeks after conception, and usually goes away after 12 weeks, or when you are starting the second trimester. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe morning sickness requiring hospitalization or treatment with IV fluids and effects .3-2% of all pregnancies. It can be especially tough in the first trimester when you may not tell everyone you are pregnant; you feel sick, miss work, or miss out on social activities. Overall you are going through many physical and emotional changes, and not feeling well can impact your mental health and quality of life. Everyone is going to be different. What helps relieve nausea for one expecting mom may not work for you. This episode goes through a long list of other treatments to try and find some relief.

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