“Hi Vanessa, I love your podcast and am so grateful I found it early so I could listen to it throughout pregnancy!  I am almost 17 weeks pregnant with our first (a boy!) and have listened to almost every episode! I appreciate all of your research on very serious, important topics — I have gotten so much out of each of these podcasts. My question is a simple one. I have had a belly button piercing for over 15 years, so it is long healed, but I’m wondering if I need to remove it at some point during pregnancy (and if so, when is the ideal time?) I understand it may be desirable to remove a belly button piercing for comfort reasons, but are there any health reasons to remove it during pregnancy or labor/delivery? Thank you for any input!” – Alysia

Covered in this episode
  • Belly button piercings
  • Nipple piercings
  • Genital piercings
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