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Episode 93 Content and Overview

Your blood type is something that is determined by your genes, and until you need a blood transfusion your blood type doesn’t really have any affect on your health. If you get a blood transfusion it is important to match the donors blood type with your blood type so your body does not reject it. Having Rh negative blood isn’t a concern until pregnancy. If you are Rh negative, and your baby is Rh positive then you have an Rh incompatibility. This means that there is a mismatch between the blood of you and the blood of your baby. When your Rh negative blood is exposed to your baby’s Rh positive blood, your blood reacts by producing antibodies that can attack and destroy your baby’s Rh positive blood cells. To avoid the complications that come along with this rho(D) immune globulin, commonly referred to by the brand name RhoGAM, is given at various points during your pregnancy or after birth. This episode explores all of the risks, benefits, and considerations surrounding Rh compatibility with your baby and the RhoGAM shot.

Included in This Episode
  • Blood types
  • Rh factor
  • Blood type of the baby’s father
  • Rh incompatibility
  • Sensitization (exposure of your blood to your baby’s blood)
  • Testing for sensitization with an antibody screen
  • Rh hemolytic disease of the newborn or Rh disease
  • Rho(D) immune globulin or RhoGAM
  • How rho(D) immune globulin works
  • When rho(D) immune globulin is administered
  • ACOG FAQ The Rh factor: How it can affect your pregnancy
  • Risks of rho(D) immune globulin
  • Common side effects of rho(D) immune globulin
  • RhoGAM package insert
  • Opting out of the RhoGAM shot
  • Talking to your doctor or midwife
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