“Hi Vanessa!  I am 14 weeks into my first pregnancy and I am loving the podcast! It’s been so helpful and makes me feel empowered to make my own knowledge based decisions rather than go with the social norms. I am pretty tiny (4′ 11″ and before I got pregnant I weighed around 105 lbs.), and I have had several people tell me that I most likely will not be able to carry to term because of my size. Is this true? I would love to hear a Q&A on this. Thank you so much!” – Laura

Additional Resources
  • Maternal Height and Preterm Birth: A Study on 192,432 Swedish Women
  • Calculate your body mass index
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  • Zahler makes a high quality prenatal vitamin that has the active form of folate plus omega 3s and DHA. This is my favorite prenatal vitamin, the one I take everyday and the one I recommend to all expecting moms. Zahler is offering an exclusive discount to listeners of the Pregnancy Podcast. To check out the vitamin and find out how you can save 25% when you buy a one month supply on Amazon click this link Zahler Prenatal + DHA.
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