COVID-19 has caused a lot of changes to birth plans over the past few months and we can expect many of these changes to last for the foreseeable future. In this article, I talk with Heather Delaney, of Maryland State Doulas, about how you can prepare, and what to expect if you are pregnant now. Heather is a wealth of information about how hospitals, birth centers, and home birth midwives are navigating this new environment. Learn what questions you should be asking your doctor or midwife, what to expect when you arrive at your birth venue, and what you may experience in labor and postpartum. Plus, the value a virtual doula can bring to your pregnancy and birth, and the logistics of how virtual support can be a lifesaver.

Thank you to Heather Delaney for sharing so much valuable information in this episode.

Heather Delaney | Owner & CEO | Labor Doula | Postpartum Doula | Childbirth Educator | Maternity Concierge | Placenta Specialist

Heather’s dedication and widespread knowledge of the birth practices within the state of Maryland have made her a sought after resource by both the birthing community and Maryland mothers-to-be. Cross certified with DONA and ProDoula, Heather believes strongly in the informed choices couples should be presented with to create their own birth preferences and baby care options, free of judgment or agenda. Her unconditional support has assisted over 200 families in welcoming their newest family addition in comfort, care, and with confidence. Heather’s passion and expertise have led countless area families to her popular Childbirth Express class, housed at the George Washington University Hospital in D.C.

You can learn more about Heather and Maryland State Doulas by visiting the Maryland State Doulas website or connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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