“Hi Vanessa, I’m really glad that my girlfriend put me onto your podcast, I’ve enjoyed listening to it and you’ve really helped me out especially when it comes to questions for my doctor, health insurance and pediatricians. I went back to the very start and started listening from there. I have just gotten through the episode on health insurance.

My husband and I are Australian, living in Colorado and about to have our first baby here. Trying to understand the health insurance here really has been a challenge and I love the way that you laid it all out. I am lucky enough to have my husbands work offer health insurance, we currently have a high deductible plan with a HSA account.

I know that you mention this in your podcast, but I thought that maybe there’s one point that should be reiterated, if I didn’t already know about this, it would have been something that went over my head when listening to your podcast – I am due to have my baby in January, and my insurance goes by calendar year, so although my entire pregnancy we have been working towards paying our max out of pocket, come January 1st the clock restarts and it’s very unlikely that we’ll reach that amount by the time the baby comes. So when it comes to the birth, we’re going to be out of pocket for essentially the whole amount. It’ll be great for the rest of the year, not having to pay anything out of pocket, but it is something we are going to have to budget for as it’s right after the holiday season. And it kind of sucks that we’ll be close to the max out of pocket in December then have to start it all over again, but I’m still not going to wish for anything different because delivering in late December would be 36 weeks for me and that’s not ideal! Thanks again for your podcast and taking the time to read this.” – Rowena

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