“Hi Vanessa, Thanks so much for your show! In my first pregnancy, I suffered from pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome – it was really annoying to have my fingers go numb whenever I held something for a while, and to always be waking up with numb limbs. Everyone I talked to said that the only thing I could do to get rid of it was to have the baby (and it did disappear immediately following the birth).  Is there anything I can do to prevent getting it in this pregnancy? If I get it again, is there anything I can do to relieve it? Thanks so much!” – Amy

Additional Resources
  • Prevalence, course and determinants of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms during pregnancy: a prospective study
  • Mommy Steps makes insoles specifically for pregnancy. They have insoles for athletic shoes and ones for flats or boots. You can even heat them in your oven and mold them to your own feet to make you more comfortable and to prevent foot issues during pregnancy. Mommy Steps is offering an exclusive 20% off for listeners of the Pregnancy Podcast. Click here to check them out and enter the promo code FEET when you checkout.
  • Zahler makes a high quality prenatal vitamin that has the active form of folate plus omega 3s and DHA. This is the prenatal vitamin I take and the one I recommend. Zahler was very generous and gave me a promo code I can share with you so you can save 25% off when you buy a month supply on Amazon. To check them out and learn how to save 25% click this link Zahler Prenatal + DHA.
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