A recurring issue I hear about from many expecting moms is that you are getting pushback from your care providers on your prenatal care or birth preferences, feel like you aren’t being heard, and feel like you aren’t given choices.  I want to help bridge the gap between you and your care provider, and I have a guest today who will help you better navigate your relationship with your care provider.  Our conversation went above and beyond communicating with your care provider to tips on finding the right doctor or midwife, red flags that you may want to consider a new care provider, and how fear within the medical community can impact your pregnancy and birth.

Dr. Stuart Fischbein is an OB/GYN in Southern California and has practiced for over three decades. He has had extensive training and experience in the vaginal breech and twin birth at some of the busiest Los Angeles area hospitals throughout his career.  Dr. Stu has co-authored and contributed to multiple books and hosts Dr. Stu’s Podcast. He has been awarded Physician of the Year three times by the Doulas Association of Southern California, and in 2008 received their first Lifetime Achievement Award. On top of all of that, Dr. Stu is LA’s only OB/Gyn specializing in natural breech, twin, and VBAC birth. One of the many things I respect about Dr. Stu is that he has a long history of support for Midwives and the alternative to the medical model of birth they provide. He is an outspoken advocate of your right to informed consent and refusal and the exercise of your free will.

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