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Episode 20 Content and Overview

In a perfect world everything works like it is supposed to, your body is ready, your baby is fully mature and ready to make their entrance into the world, and you naturally go into labor.  As you probably know, everything doesn’t always go the way we plan and many women end up getting induced to jump start labor.  The key is knowing when an induction may be medically necessary, and when it may be better to wait it out.  There are many reasons your doctor or midwife may suggest inducing labor and this episode really dives deep into the reasons an induction may be necessary, as well as some reasons it may be better to wait.  There are many ways your labor can be induced and we go through each method, how it works, what risks are involved, and what the benefits of each method are.  You will definitely want to listen to this episode to get all the information you need to determine whether an induction is right for you, when is the best time to do it, and what methods you want to use.

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