“Let me just start by saying that your podcast has been a blessing! It has gotten me through the last 32 weeks equipped with all the information I could ever ask for. But as I am getting closer and closer to the end of my pregnancy, I have one thought in particular that is haunting me and that is losing all of the luscious hair that I grew throughout my pregnancy. If heard so many women say that when their little ones turn 3-4 months, their hair starts to fall at such a rapid rate leaving them with bald patches. Is there anyway to avoid this or is it inevitable for all/most women to lose their hair shortly after giving birth?” – Ashley

Covered in this Episode
  • Zahler Prenatal + DHA
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  • Phases of hair growth
  • How pregnancy affects your hair growth
  • Postpartum hair loss explained
  • Tips to minimize hair loss and keep your hair healthy
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