Welcome to week 42 and the last week of your pregnancy.

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It looks like your baby wants to take its time getting here. They are growing from a pumpkin to a watermelon and will be ready to meet you soon.

Remember, your due date is only an estimate. This week your pregnancy is officially considered postterm. In the United States, the rate of births past 42 weeks is 0.25%. The United States also has recommendations from organizations like ACOG to induce labor if your pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks. There are episodes that examine the methods used to induce labor and techniques to try and naturally induce labor on your own.


I promise you are almost at the end if you are still pregnant. Every day may seem like an eternity right now. As soon as you are holding your baby, you won’t even remember how long it seemed like you were pregnant.

If there is anything last minute you need to do before your baby arrives, now is the time to do it. If you feel like you are just sitting around waiting, try preparing meals to put in your freezer for easy cooking after birth. Occupying your time with anything can help take your mind off of waiting.

Tip for Dads and Partners

Your days before you are a parent are numbered now. Have a date night with your significant other, go out to dinner, or see a movie. Any day the two of you will be the three of you, so enjoy the time you have left together as a duo. Maybe a spicy dish at dinner or an action-packed movie will get labor going.

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