Ages ago our last daily exposure to blue light came with the sunset. After dark, the light we were exposed to was mainly from campfires that contain mostly red light. Today, we are constantly exposed to artificial light that contains blue light that impacts our sleep, circadian rhythms, and hormone production. There is a lot of evidence on how blue light can affect fertility in both men and women, how it can affect your sleep, your hormone production during pregnancy, and even your breastmilk and your baby’s circadian rhythms. This episode features Andy Mant, who is well versed in the evidence and research on blue light exposure. Learn about the risks of blue light exposure and how to easily clean up your light hygiene. Plus, why apps like night shift and Flux do not do enough to protect you. This episode gives you simple hacks you can do to reduce your blue light exposure after dark, reset your circadian clock, protect your baby’s sleep, and stack the odds in your favor for fertility.

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