“Hi Vanessa, I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I have pretty bad swelling in my hands. My doctor has ruled out preeclampsia and other major concerns, thank goodness, and recommended going for a swim to relieve the fluid pressure on my wrists, or placing dry, clean cabbage leaves on them. I have tried to find info about why cabbage leaves work and it seems to be a pretty universal remedy, especially for enforced breasts postpartum. What’s up with cabbage leaves? Do they have magical properties or is it simply a popular placebo? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated! And thanks for your amazing podcast! I feel so well informed about what is happening with my body and my baby and parents in my antenatal classes actually asked me if I was a nurse because I knew so much! I told them to check you out. Thanks again!!” – Alana

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