“Hey Vanessa, thank you for the podcast, it is helping me feel so prepared for my baby girl due in December! I want to make some padsicles and I know you have mentioned them before but there are so many recipes out there. I don’t know which one to use or which ingredients are safe. Can you recommend a recipe?” –Jane

Additional Resources
  • Episiotomy episode
  • Padsicle supplies:
  • Padsicle directions:
    • Fill up the spray bottle with witch hazel
    • Extra Add 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil or any additional ingredients
    • Open up the pad and spread a thin layer of aloe vera gel on it with your hands or a butter knife
    • Spray the pad with your witch hazel mixture (don’t soak it)
    • Wrap pads in aluminum foil so they don’t stick together
    • Put them in a ziplock bag in the freezer
    • Bonus: set them in a large mixing bowl so they have a curved shape to them
    • Keep the mixture in the spray bottle to use as a postpartum soothing spray
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