“Hi Vanessa, First of all thanks so much for all the amazing work you do. I love that all the information you provide is based on studies and is not just a podcast based on opinion.  My question is the following, as a side hustle I teach yoga and also teach prenatal yoga.  Gentle inversions like legs up the wall and Supported Bridge are usually a standard inclusion in prenatal yoga classes, and help to relieve tired, aching legs and swollen feet caused by the extra weight of pregnancy and circulation changes. Advanced inversions during pregnancy, however, are an entirely different issue and one that even yoga teachers tend to disagree on. I have even heard downward facing dog is a no-no while pregnant. The school I did my certification has been teaching advance inversions such as shoulders stands and even headstand (with the help of chairs or other material) to pregnant women for more than 20 years. I myself do some inversions but I am still only on my week 18 of pregnancy.  Have you found studies showing that inversions are bad while pregnant and why? Should pregnant women avoid inversions? If women are used to inversions before pregnancy perhaps we can keep performing same poses while obviously listening to our bodies?  I wish there were more studies to back up more pregnancy related topics. Again thanks so much for all you do.” – Ivett

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