“I wanted to ask about soy during pregnancy.  I read it can cause problems so I’ve been staying away while TTC, but I know protein is important during pregnancy and I am vegan, so it’s a bit more challenging for me to get protein.  During my first pregnancy I loved tofu as a snack– is this okay in moderation?” – Andrea

“I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. I started this pregnancy overweight and I would like to avoid gaining more than 25 pounds if possible. I’ve just started to walk about 30 during my lunch breaks but I’m a little overwhelmed when it comes to my diet. I know I need to incorporate more fruits and veggies but I didn’t realize that we also need to up our protein intake. Would it be safe to have a protein shake as one of my 5-6 meals? If so, what brands would you recommend? I read that both IdealLean and Vega brands are good, but I’m not sure what I am looking for ingredients wise. I plan on asking my OB but would like your insight on this as well.” – Natacha

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